Paddle Board Lessons - SUP Outings & Tours

Come join us in the fun and adventure of the fastest growing sport in the world!   Whether you are a complete beginner looking to learn or an experienced paddler looking for new scenery or advancing your techniques.   We offer stand up paddle boarding lessons, group and family SUP outings and tours, Sunset paddles, Moonlight paddles, Sunrise paddles, SUP race training, and even a little SUP Yoga and fitness.  We are located in Bluffton, SC and service the Lowcountry of South Carolina ( Hilton Head Island, Beaufort, Bluffton ) and Coastal Georgia ( Savannah ) areas.


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Paddling Fun & SUP Adventures in Bluffton & Hilton Head:

Here is just a small sample of all the exciting paddle adventures that we have every day here at Stand and Paddle!  Come on out and join us on the beautiful May River.

SUP Yoga Poses & SUP Fitness:

Here is a sampling of us and our clients playing around with doing various yoga poses, gymnastics, pilates, and bodyweight workout moves on the paddle board.  Come on out and join us for a great workout in the outdoors, SUP race training, yoga on the SUP, or just to fool around and see what you can do on the board!

The Natural Beauty of SUPing on the May River:

Paddle Boarding photos of the natural scenic landscapes, waterscapes and wildlife around Bluffton, Palmetto Bluff, Hilton Head Island and the amazing Lowcountry of South Carolina. All of these photos were taken by me while paddling on my stand up paddleboard.

Paddle Boarding into the Sunset

Small sample of our SUP outings at Sunset.  It is so beautiful and peaceful out on the river at sunset, sunrise and even better at night in the moonlight.  We offer Sunrise, Sunset, and Moonlight paddle outings.

Paddle Board Race Events - SUP Racing

Stand and Paddle participates in SUP races all over the Southeast and  takes part in planning, organizing, promoting, and marketing some of these events.

Chucktown Showdown 2014 SUP Race Event photos!

Race Technologies Carbon Fiber Fin - SUP, Surf, longboard, windsurf race fin- Thick Foil

This is a full carbon fiber, very thick foil fin designed for minimal turbulence / drag. It's a large fin at 11.3 " deep and 5" wide at base. The base has been trimmed down a little to fit in my standard box on my SUP board. This fin also has front & rear screw fin pins instead of the typical only one at the front. Except for the base trimming to fit the fin into my SUP box, the fin is in perfect as new condition.…



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I am Selling the Camera that I've used for all these photos...

Super light weight and thin carbon fiber Paddleboard / SUP / Surf fin.


This is an extremely high quality fin, great for stability, speed, turning, down-winders.   Only used a few times and is in almost new condition.  Check the photos above... there is some very minimal abrasions on the tip area.


Extremely light weight for it's size... only 8.3 ounces! Carbon & Honeycomb construction.


Bonus, comes with a Quick Release Pin ($ 16), is so much easier & faster to change fins than the standard pins.  This fin sells new for $ 109 and that's without the QR pin.


Thanks for your interest!


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Onyx M-24 SUP paddleboard PFD Belt Pack M24 Inflatable Life Jacket

For Sale: Olympus Waterproof TG-2 12.0 MP Camera + Extreme Pro high speed SD card + Float


This is a Great camera!   Very fast, waterproof, and tough.  Takes awesome photos.  New costs is $ 400.


Bonuses:   Super High Speed Extreme Pro memory card   & brand new Olympus Float strap!  The high speed card really helps speed writing files immediately as taking the photos or Bursts shots and the camera is almost instantaneous!  Immediately ready to take the next burst of shots.


This camera is in perfect working order, but does have multiple cosmetic blemishes from lots of outdoor use, as well as missing the decorative ring around the lens.  Please take a look at all of the photos above that capture all the minor scratches and scrapes.  None of these affects the performance of the camera.  The most rubbing has occurred on the rotating "settings ring", as some of the setting icons are almost rubbed off as you can see in the photos and the ring itself is now a little stiff to turn... but it does absolutely work and you can see on the camera screen what setting you are turning it too just in case.   The blemishes are the only reason for the low price, new costs is $400.  The camera works perfectly...  Thanks for your interest!   You will really enjoy this camera.





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This SUP PFD has been used only a few times and is in excellent condition as you can see from the photos.   This is a light weight, easy to wear/carry on your paddle board to be compliant with US Coast Guard regulations.  Cost new is $ 85 and up.    Only $ 57


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Testing of the NK SpeedCoach GPS SUP

Stroke Monitor

Futures Weed Carbon Fiber Racing 10" SUP Fin + Quick Release Pin! - $77

Super light weight and Fast fin.  Excellent at shedding weeds and marsh grass!  Weighs only 8. 0 ounces!


This fin is in perfect working order, but has multiple cosmetic blemishes from use.  See the photos for details.


This fin new sells for $ 120, and I'm including a Quick Release Pin (worth $ 16).  These pins make it so much faster and easier to change fins.


Thanks for your interest,




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I am currently running multiple tests and putting together a thorough review of the Nielsen-Kellerman SpeedCoach SUP GPS unit that measures your Stroke Rate (strokes per minute) and your Stroke Distance, as well as your Speed per Stroke, Stroke Count, accumulated time and distance. It's exciting and very interesting project. More info about that coming very soon....


If you are already using a SpeedCoach, please drop me a note and let me know what your thoughts are and your Pro's and Con's.  I would really appreciate your input!


Contact me here.

Paddling & Stroke Techniques

Training Ideas & Issues

I would love to have your ideas, opinions and / or observations on SUP training techniques ... either your about your own original ideas and training OR your thoughts about current trends out there in our paddling community now.  Do you have an opposing opinion to something I have posted or something you've read posted on "Riding Bumps", "Distressed Mullet", "SUP Connect" or elsewhere... Please send it in! I want your feedback and so does all of our knowledge hungry paddling community! Contact me here.

SUP Race Events, Rules & Racing Organizations

What's your opinion about current state of SUP racing: divisions,  timing, prizes, awards, board size limitations, drug testing, certifications, etc....  What do you think about the WPA vs SUPAA or even the ACA  (that's the 3 main "Governing Bodies" of paddling, the oldest being the American Canoe Association, then the World Paddling Association, and the very newest Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association)?  Share your take both pros and cons here with us. Contact me here.

Best GPS Unit for SUP

Used SUP Board Market

Do you have a paddle board for sale?  Send me the info and I will post it for you!  Your post might also make some of our various social media outlets also, so send your info in to get as much exposure as possible to get your used SUP sold. Contact me here.

This is the GPS unit that I currently use to track my distance paddles and my daily sprint interval paddle training sessions. - the Etrex 10 by Garmin.  I highly recommend it, as it is one of the cheapest on the market, yet one of the few that tracks the Russian Glonass Satellite system as well as the US system, and is WAAS-enabled, so it is very accurate.  Of course you can use the My Garmin on-line software to check out your paddles, but I prefer to just download the file directly into Google Earth - it works great.


UPDATE: June 2014 - I am so happy with this unit that I now have 2 of these for averaging together for super accurate testing of techniques, and equipment.  More info about that coming soon....

Used SUP Gear Market

Do you have used SUP gear for sale?  Paddles, fins, GPS units, etc... Send me the info and I will post it for you!  Your post might also make some of our various social media outlets also, so send your info in to get as much exposure as possible to get your used SUP gear sold. Contact me here.

Paddle Board Gear Reviews

Would you like to give your opinion and observations on a SUP paddle, GPS unit, fin, pfd, camera, or any particular piece of SUP equipment?   Not only would I love to have that info, but sharing it with our growing SUP community would be greatly appreciated by all!  Just send me the info, with as many details as possible and a couple of photos if possible, and I will post it and give you proper credit.  Your post might also make some of our various social media outlets also, so send your info in to help get your thoughts out to the SUP community.  Contact me here.

SUP Techniques & Training

Find out how your fellow paddlers are training. Or tell us how often, how long, and how you train. Will be adding links to Track Maps of paddles, more articles & videos of techniques, paddle strokes, training regimens, etc...

 In the meantime, watch the following 4 videos by Danny Ching and Jimmy Terrell with some extremely valuable SUP paddle techniques and instruction based on their years of experience.

Paddle Hard!


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Paddle Board Reviews

Would you like to give your opinion and observations on a particular SUP?  Send me the info, with as many details as possible and a couple of photos if possible, and I will post it and give you proper credit.  Your post might also make some of our various social media outlets also, so send your info in to help get your thoughts out to the SUP community.

Contact me here.

Have something to share?... Make it yours!

I Love stand up paddle boarding ... and I bet you do too!  Stand and Paddle is intended to be YOUR voice in the SUP community and a comprehensive site for all things SUP.  Use this site to keep track of events/races, fellow competitors, read/write reviews on boards and equipment, and share stories of adventures and workouts.  Think of it as your personal platform to tap into the the SUP community whether you are a beginner to the sport, or an experienced, elite paddler.  This site is for you!


Opinions? Experiences? Adventures? Reviews? I would love to hear all about what is grabbing your attention in the SUP world these days and share it with the rest of our SUP Community!  Contact me here.

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