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New Improved SUP Race Calendar

Over 280 SUP races already for 2014!

Big SUP race weekend coming up!

Lots of SUP race events this weekend! April 12, 2014


SUP One Design Race @ ACA National Paddle Fest, Charleston, SC

Scallyway Challenge Paddle Fest, Gulf Shores, AL

Invasion on the Bayou, Pensacola Beach, FL

Kumuoho Challenge, Washington, DC

Rites of the Bay, Bacliff, TX

Seaside Slide Paddleboard Race, Solana Beach, CA

Stand Up for Clean Water, Malibu, CA

Yo Yo Race, Sacramento, CA

Five Flags Paddle Board Classic, Pensacola Beach, FL

Tempe Town Lake Regatta, Tempe, AZ

La Roota Regatta, North Miami Beach, FL

FAST Fun Ass SUP Training race, Melbourne, FL


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Featured Race:

The St. Johns SUP Rush

Saturday  April 19, 2014, Jacksonville, Florida

The Second Annual St John’s SUP Rush 2014 Race Series kick off at The Rudder Club of Jacksonville. Put together to inspire, challenge and connect the stand up paddle community of North Florida. With divisions for first time racers and elite paddlers, the races will be fun for paddlers of all strength and skill. Come on out and enjoy the river and the competition in beautiful North Florida!


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Lowcountry Cold Water Classic SUP Race Course ... Great SUP paddle yesterday with John Heidel & Richard Klapper checking out the race course for the Lowcountry Cold Water Classic SUP race on 3/15/2014 on Broad Creek, Hilton Head Island, SC. Looking forward to it Andy Kennedy.

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SUP Race Results

Georges Cronsteadt, Brandi Baksic & Chuck Glynn winners at the

Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge in San Diego


Jeremy Whitted & April Zilg winners of the Cold Stroke Classic in Wrightsville Beach


Slater Trout, Lina Augaitis & Thomas Maximus winners at the Orange Bowl Paddle Championships in Miami


See Full Results on these races and more here....

SUP Race Map Updated for 2014!

Map view of paddle related events and race locations around the nation! Click on the red location symbol for more information about each event.  SUP Race Map updated 02/21/2014


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SUP Techniques & Training

Who won what??... and how fast did so and so paddle??  Find the full results of the latest SUP races right here.


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SUP Race Results

Testing out the new Dean Board LDR14

Richard Klapper and I taking out his new 14' x 25" Dean Watersports carbon race board for test paddle.  For comparison it is laid out beside my 14' x 25" HovieSUP Comet.  The Dean is definitely more stable and has a slight bit more nose and tail rocker...


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Find out how your fellow paddlers are training. Or tell us how often, how long, and how you train. Will be adding links to Track Maps of paddles, more articles & videos of techniques, paddle strokes, training regimens, etc...

 In the meantime, watch the following 4 videos by Danny Ching and Jimmy Terrell with some extremely valuable SUP paddle techniques and instruction based on their years of experience.

Paddle Hard!


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Paddling & Stroke Techniques

Training Ideas & Issues

I would love to have your ideas, opinions and / or observations on SUP training techniques ... either your about your own original ideas and training OR your thoughts about current trends out there in our paddling community now.  Do you have an opposing opinion to something I have posted or something you've read posted on "Riding Bumps", "Distressed Mullet", "SUP Connect" or elsewhere... Please send it in! I want your feedback and so does all of our knowledge hungry paddling community! Contact me here.

SUP Race Events, Rules & Racing Organizations

Awesome SUP Race Story


Mike Evatt of Charleston, SC tells of his adventures at the Paddle Royal in Puerto Rico:

"Greetings from Puerto Rico ! The big race is done! Am glad I did the bic challenge yesterday , it was a great primer for the distance race, lots of bouy turns, sprints , and meeting the challengers. I did not podium but placed 3,4,3 in the preliminaries. The final was run with both the men and women together, drafting was part of my strategy but was made difficult by the mix. Nevertheless the courses were fun and challenging and the competitors were..."


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What's your opinion about current state of SUP racing: divisions,  timing, prizes, awards, board size limitations, drug testing, certifications, etc....  What do you think about the WPA vs SUPAA or even the ACA  (that's the 3 main "Governing Bodies" of paddling, the oldest being the American Canoe Association, then the World Paddling Association, and the very newest Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association)?  Share your take both pros and cons here with us. Contact me here.

SUP Racer Profiles

" 14 yr old girls gliding past me effortlessly"

A first time SUP racer's story of the Cold Stroke Classic:

Jerome Nojima of Greenville, NC, tells of his adventures of his very first SUP race at the Cold Stroke Classic 2014 in Wrightsville Beach, NC:


It was Extreme Conditions to say the least...


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Best GPS Unit for SUP

This is the GPS unit that I currently use to track my distance paddles and my daily sprint interval paddle training sessions. - the Etrex 10 by Garmin.  I highly recommend it, as it is one of the cheapest on the market, yet one of the few that tracks the Russian Glonass Satellite system as well as the US system, and is WAAS-enabled, so it is very accurate.  Of course you can use the My Garmin on-line software to check out your paddles, but I prefer to just download the file directly into Google Earth - it works great.

Paddle Board Reviews

We are putting together a database of as many active paddle board racers from all across the country so you can find out where any SUP racer has been racing, how often, and how that racer has been in all their races and compare to yourself or other racers.


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SUP Racers Database Submission


We are actively creating a database of all the stand up paddle racers, races, and their results that we can find from all over the US.  Not just the professionals, but anyone and everyone who participates in SUP racing.  Everyone will have a very short profile and a list of all (or just the single) races they have paddled, including their, distance, time, place, pace, ect... along with a Map of where they have raced. You can keep track of your results over time, others results, and compare how you or someone else is doing vs others from around the nation!  Nothing posted yet, as this is a massive undertaking, but I will have info up very soon.  Please HELP me out, by posting some info about yourself or any other active SUP racers!  Thanks for your contribution and assistance!

Would you like to give your opinion and observations on a particular SUP?  Send me the info, with as many details as possible and a couple of photos if possible, and I will post it and give you proper credit.  Your post might also make some of our various social media outlets also, so send your info in to help get your thoughts out to the SUP community.

Contact me here.

Paddle Board Gear Reviews

Stearn's Sospenders is the smallest, lightest, least obtrusive U.S. Coast Guard approved PFD that I have found.  As many states, jurisdictions, and SUP race directors require wearing a PFD, this is a must have.  It is considerably smaller and less obtrusive than any of the other options I have seen or tried.

Best PFD - Stearn's Sospenders

Would you like to give your opinion and observations on a SUP paddle, GPS unit, fin, pfd, camera, or any particular piece of SUP equipment?   Not only would I love to have that info, but sharing it with our growing SUP community would be greatly appreciated by all!  Just send me the info, with as many details as possible and a couple of photos if possible, and I will post it and give you proper credit.  Your post might also make some of our various social media outlets also, so send your info in to help get your thoughts out to the SUP community.  Contact me here.

Best Waterproof Camera for SUP

Used SUP Board Market

Used SUP Board Market

Used SUP Gear Market

Do you have used SUP gear for sale?  Paddles, fins, GPS units, etc... Send me the info and I will post it for you!  Your post might also make some of our various social media outlets also, so send your info in to get as much exposure as possible to get your used SUP gear sold. Contact me here.

Do you have a paddle board for sale?  Send me the info and I will post it for you!  Your post might also make some of our various social media outlets also, so send your info in to get as much exposure as possible to get your used SUP sold. Contact me here.

I get lots of questions about what camera I use to take all of the photos that I post on Facebook.  Well, this is it, the Olympus TG-2.  Waterproof tough camera that takes great photos, is very rugged, and most important, is easy and fast to use while trying to take action shots while standing on a moving paddle board!  I have used many cameras on my paddling adventures over the last few years, and this is by far my favorite.

Share Your SUP knowledge, experiences, and / or adventures with the rest of the SUP Community! Do you have a story about SUP that you would like to share with the paddleboard community?  Or would you like to share your opinions or reviews about a particular aspect of our sport.  Send us your SUP product or event reviews, stories, adventures, facts, lessons, articles... whatever is really interesting you now or anything you have a strong opinion about that's going on (or not going on) SUP and Paddleboard scene currently. I will be happy to share them with our entire SUP community on this website and our various social media outlets. Contact me here.

Stand and Paddle is your voice in the SUP community!  I Love stand up paddle boarding!  ... and I bet you do too (or least you will once you try it!). This is the site to keep track of SUP events you're interested in, keep track of fellow competitors and paddlers all across the nation, check out training methods, equipment reviews, info about boards, fins, paddles, strokes, workouts, and adventures.


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