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SUP Coaching & Other Services

Looking for ways to stay fit, work on your paddling, improve your nutrition or wellness, and reach your goals without having to come to us? Stand and Paddle has got you covered with our remote and virtual services for paddle boarding and paddle surf, fitness, training, nutrition, and wellness. Join us now to start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle!

Virtual and Remote Services

Video Analysis

Improve and fine-tune your paddle stroke, exercises, or movement patterns with our expert video analysis. Upon analyzing your video we will provide you with personalized feedback and tips to help you reach your goals on the water, or in the gym. Don't let bad habits hold you back - let us help you perfect your technique and take your skills to the next level.


Our coaching services and programs are tailored to help you optimize your nutrition, transform your body, and create sustainable behavior change. We offer personalized support, nutrition plans, and behavior change strategies to help you cultivate healthy habits and lead a fulfilling lifestyle.

Training Programs

Looking to get the most out of your workouts and optimize your performance? Look no further than our custom fitness assessments and training programs. With our expert guidance, you can save time and achieve your fitness goals faster than ever before. Contact us today to learn more!

Workshops & Clinics

Looking to enhance your fitness routine? Stand and Paddle is here to help.


We're happy to travel to your location to host a live private or public workshop or clinic, and we're open to collaborating on a unique event for your clients or members.


Additionally, we offer our signature Paddle Fused Fitness Coach Certification for your coaches and instructors.  The course is CEC-approved for NASM and other personal trainers and fitness and wellness professionals.


Don't wait any longer. Contact us to set up an event today.

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