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Rachel has been a NASM Certified Personal Trainer for over 15 years. With degrees in Movement Sciences, Exercise and Fitness, and specialties in Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, Body Change, Physique Development, Fat Loss, Sport Specific Training (including Paddle Sports and Gymnastics), Strength and Conditioning, Weight lifting she will work with you to optimize your time and work in the gym and your sport-specific setting in order to reach your personal performance goals.

Rachel Cantore

Certified Coach & Expert

Initially, she began only 1-1 personal training and running a local Bootcamp when she first moved to the Lowcountry back in 2013. As she worked with individuals and groups she began to see another need; in providing another means of a personalized training experience that provided the high values of 1-1 personal training, weight and strength style exercise, while also incorporating the perks of community and social connection, and lifestyle and nutrition coaching support, all wrapped into a reasonably priced package. Around this same time, Rachel attended the IDEA World Fitness Convention where she learned from world class trainers and experts in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and wellness.  One of the keynote courses she attended was with Jason Stella who spoke on the up and coming Small Group Training concept.  Upon returning to the Lowcountry, she decided it was time to develop a similar program herself.  

Rachel founded Fusion Fit in 2018 with the Small Group Personal Training being the Exclusive, Signature Program - the first and only true SGPT program that provides a personal training weight and strength training experience in a small group setting (max 7 members/session). Covid took a toll on the program, where people were unable to congregate in groups, or even train in a gym, we were forced to go online for a period of time.  The SGPT program has continued to develop since returning to in-person sessions and is currently run at Cynergy Fitness in Bluffton, Colleton River Club, and soon, Hardeeville Rec Center.

Rachel has been lifting weights and training in the gym setting since she was a Gymnast and retired from the competitive side of the sport her senior year of high school.  She values and stresses quality, intentional intuitive training, proper form and exercise technique and execution, and the mind-muscle connection when lifting and training in the gym as well as in sport.

Too many individuals walk into a gym, workout session or fitness class looking to burn as many calories as possible, rush through their exercises just to "get it done", and gauge the effectiveness of their workout on how much they're sweating, out of breath, or busting their a$$.  These are the WRONG markers to be focused on.  Weight and strength training is essential for building and maintaining lean muscle, fitness, and physical well-being which serves to benefit our metabolism, ability to perform everyday tasks as well as partake in sport, prevent injury, offset age-related loss of bone, muscle and fitness, and support weight management.  It is not the root means of creating weight loss, but rather a necessary supplement to a lifestyle approach to attaining and maintaining a healthy weight and body composition, and lifelong vitality and mind-body well-being.

Though Fusion Fit's SGPT program continues to be run in the Lowcountry, Rachel's specific focus in the fitness and personal training realm lies in working with individuals to optimize their movement patterns and exercise execution, establish a balanced and sustainable training routine, and cultivate a healthy relationship and routine around fitness, training and overall movement which makes up an active lifestyle.  Rather than just training clients in the gym telling them what exercises to perform, counting reps, writing workouts and exercise programs, she works alongside her clients to coach them on their fitness, training and performance journey.  To work with Rachel, start by completing an application by emailing  Remote and in-person options available. 

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