SUP Coaching Sessions

Go beyond the basics of paddling to help you become a better paddler that’s more efficient and confident.


Who and What

Coaching sessions are for:

  • Beginner to advanced paddlers who have done a SUP 101 lesson

  • Individuals who want to further improve their stand up paddling technique and skills. 

  • SUP racers and athletes who want to take their paddling to the next level.

Proper paddling technique makes for a more enjoyable experience even for the average person just wanting to explore and paddle leisurely or for general fitness and physical activity.

Individuals must already know the basics to sign up for Coaching Sessions.


SUP Coaching Sessions are scheduled by appointment only.  Available year round, weather permitting.

We offer 3, 5, and 10 session packages of sessions.

Please contact us to book at

When and How to Sign Up