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Winter SUP Training League

Planning or interested in SUP racing in 2023?

Community group to paddle and train with

Continue to paddle, get on the water, outside, train

Need an extra push


Community SUP Training League

Group league training paddles from Bluffton Oyster Factory Dock

1-hour self-paced, self-timed

Push as hard as you’d like, or take it easy, it’s up to you


Take Part

Paddle meetups will be posted in our Facebook group

You must be part of the Facebook group in order to see when events are scheduled

Meetups scheduled at varying times that weather permitting; this time of year that more often is between later morning and sunset, but sometimes morning sunrise if mild temps and

No charge for meetups; unless you need to rent a board ($20 for rental) 


Join the Facebook Group here! (MUST be in group to be invited to training paddles

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