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2023 Florida


February 9-12, 2023

Join us for 3 days and 3 nights of paddling, experiences, and coaching in Tampa/St Petersburg/Clearwater, Florida.


Reset, Recharge, Explore, Experience


An inclusive weekend of fun, paddling experiences and exploration with Rachel and Roddy!


  • You get to reset and recharge.

  • Take a break and connect with community.

  • Get outdoors both on and off the water.

  • Move your body, broaden your experiences, grow.

  • Have fun, play around, release and let go.

Leaving you empowered in body, mind and soul.

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Sample Daily Schedule

  • Morning paddle – i.e. sunrise paddle, explore local waterways wildlife and nature, practice paddle technique, Paddle Fused Fitness, sup yoga, etc

  • Brunch/Lunch

  • Free time – relax, nap, read, lounge, explore, enjoy your best life, get social or tune inward

  • Group Meetup: talk on intentions and goal setting, well-being, balance, sustainability

  • Afternoon/daytime activity – i.e. Bike local trail, explore local towns, beach trip, dancing, live music and entertainment

  • Sunset paddle

  • Dinner

  • Community circle evening recap

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Tentative 3-Day Itinerary

Thursday, evening:

  • Arrive, check-in

  • Sunset paddle

  • Dinner at home + Welcome social; set intentions for weekend, meet and greet others


  • Sunrise paddle, practicing paddle skills, paddle fused fitness

  • Free time

  • Lunch

  • Bike exploration/Beach

  • Sunset paddle

  • Dinner at house


  • Morning Day trip to Weeki Watchi Springs

  • Lunch out

  • Free time

  • Evening Dance and entertainment social

  • Dinner out


  • Sunrise paddle, Paddle Fused Fitness class

  • Wrap up; post-retreat goals and visions

  • Depart, 10 am

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What's Included:

  • Room + board accommodations - 3 nights, 3 days in a local vacation home; option to commute or room independently

  • Boards and equipment - recommended to bring your own if you have one. Available boards will be Stand and Paddle’s custom inflatable rec boards.

  • SUP sessions, tours and lessons of the day - including trips to Weeki Watchi Springs, Dunedin waterways, Safety Harbor/Gandy, …

  • Activity of the Day - bike local trails, explore local city/town, dancing and entertainment..

  • Downtime/free time daily

  • Lunch, Snacks, Dinner

What's Not Included:

  • Breakfast

  • Cocktails or alcoholic beverages

  • Additional activities or purchases

Reserve Your Spot in February!

This exclusive event is limited to 6 registrants.  Minimum of 3 registrants required to run event.

Questions? Email

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