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SUP Lessons & Coaching
Private & Group Sessions, Packages

Learn How to Stand Up Paddle Board | Work on Mastering Your SUP Skills | Get a Personalized Training Plan


Learn to SUP or SUP Surf. Private 1-1/individual or group lessons.


Work on your paddle technique: skills and drills, for ease, efficiency, increased enjoyment, and a better time on the water. 1-1 coaching available for SUP and SUP Surfing. 

Individualized Training Plans

Personalized training plans and programs, technique analysis, paddle stroke drills and skills.


Stand Up Paddle Board and
SUP Surf Lessons

Learn to stand up paddle! From the basics of getting on your board, holding your paddle, standing up, and turning. To proper paddle technique. To water and weather safety. All the foundations needed in order to get the most out of your paddling experiences.

SUP 101 Lessons

Not sure where to begin?

Never done paddle boarding before, or it’s been a long time?

Never had formal SUP instruction before?

Not familiar with our waterways or never paddled the May River or another moving body of water?

Start with a SUP 101 Lesson!

More times than not, board rental companies give the bare minimum then set the individual out to paddle at their free will. But we‘re different because we want you to learn the right way, and we’re here to teach you that.

Our main focus will be to help you achieve your goals and have fun, so the hard work you invest pays off and becomes a part of your healthier and happier lifestyle.



Anyone new who has never learned the basics and foundations of SUP, or it’s been quite a while.



  • No SUP experience necessary

  • This is where you want to start

What to Expect:

We’ll start on land going over the basics of paddling and SUP tutorial, then we’ll learn how to get onto your board from the dock, how to knee paddle, stand up, the proper paddle stroke and how to turn and maneuver. We will also go over water safety and weather conditions too.


  • we take into consideration weather, winds, tides, and boat traffic

  • best conditions to first learn are low winds, calm waters, minimal boat traffic

  • Lessons are typically booked:

    • Weekdays

    • Mornings or the first half of the day before 12 noon

SUP Lessons and Packages

  • $100/person, 1 60-75 minute lesson

  • Package of 3 Lessons for $270 (60-min each)

How to Book/Schedule

SUP Surfing Lessons

NEW for 2023 Season!  Learn to SUP Surf on Hilton Head Islands beautiful beaches!

SUP Surf Lessons - $100

Contact Rachel to book your SUP Surf lesson

SUP Coaching &
Individualized Training Plans

Take your SUP skills to the next level, master your paddling, improve your technique, correct and prevent pain and injury risk, get into sup racing or surfing, simply gain confidence and skill.  Please inquire.

SUP Coaching Programs

Have you paddled before?

Are you curious how to improve your paddling for an even better experience?

Do you want to do more paddling?

Do you want to start training for a paddle race?

Take things the the next level to help you become a better paddler that’s more efficient and confident.

Get set up with SUP Coaching!

Coaching sessions are for:

  • Beginner to advanced paddlers who have done at least ONE SUP 101 lesson

  • Individuals who want to continue working on their paddling skills and further improve their SUP technique. 

  • SUP racers and athletes who want to take their paddling to the next level.

Proper paddling technique makes for a more enjoyable experience even for the average person just wanting to explore and paddle leisurely or for general fitness and physical activity.

Individuals must already know the basics to sign up for Coaching Sessions.



SUP Coaching Sessions are book by appointment.  Available year round, weather permitting.

Rates and Packages:

Single SUP Coaching Session - $100

3-Pack SUP Coaching Sessions - $270

How to Book:

Please email Rachel to book at

Individualized Training Plans
for On + Off The Water

Custom designed programs for on and off the water.  Take your training to the next level and optimize your SUP game and performance.

Mastering SUP comes from the combination of what you do on the water and the training you do off water.  We will design a training plan that will help you get the most out of your paddling and performance.

Ready to Join Us on the Water?

How To Get Paddling >>>

To book private lessons, tours, groups > contact us at

For pre-scheduled classes and events including paddle fused fitness, special event paddles, etc please visit our scheduling app.

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