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Paddle Fused Fitness

Our Signature SUP Fitness Workout Class!

What better way to spend time on the water than on a paddle board experiencing the outdoors the while also staying fit?!

Stand and Paddle’s signature SUP Fitness class is a fun, empowering way to workout, get active, and spend time outdoors and out on the water!  This is a unique fitness experience you won't find anywhere else.

Our Mission

Paddle Fused Fitness Classes

Helping you feel confident, capable, and empowered while getting fit and active, having fun, and experiencing the outdoors and nature in a unique SUP fitness workout


Paddle Fused Fitness

What is Paddle Fused Fitness?

Paddle Fused Fitness is a unique SUP fitness class that fuses stand up paddle boarding with fitness and exercises for an amazingly fun workout experience.  During a Paddle Fused Fitness class you will learn the basics of standup paddle boarding including how to stand up and paddle correctly, and perform a total body workout - particularly targeting the core, abs and glutes - all while enjoying your beautiful natural surroundings of the May River.  

Paddle Fused Fitness is NOT SUP Yoga, and is different from Boga boards workouts and other SUP fitness workouts you may find.  

Whether you are looking for something fun and active to do while visiting the Lowcountry, are seeking an alternative workout to your current gym routine or sport, or are interested in a new physical activity or hobby, Paddle Fused Fitness will leave you with a memorable experience you'll be wanting to return to.  Everyone is welcome, from beginners to advanced level paddlers and fitness levels.

Classes Include:

  • Basic SUP Introduction on land (covers how to stand up, proper paddle technique, and safety)

  • Fitness Introduction 

  • Paddle on the May River 

  • SUP Fitness Workout on your paddle board targeting the entire body, especially your abs, glutes and core

About Paddle Fused Fitness

  • Designed to build strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility on and off the water.

  • Improve your upper and lower body strength, power, balance and stability.

  • Working out outside, in sunshine, nature and water energizes and empowers.

  • Our classes are a combination of movement patterns, foundational exercises, functional fitness and core training. Exercises may be modified to fit your fitness level and abilities and for everyone from experienced athletes to those those just starting out.

  • Paddle Fused Fitness was created to connect individuals to the water, paddling, fitness, and nature through combining fitness exercises and paddling skills that are useful for both recreational paddlers to SUP athletes.

Paddle Fused Fitness is for ALL ages and skill levels whether you’re just paddling for fun or are a SUP athlete. No experience necessary.

n fact, the way we structure our classes we guarantee you will be able to stand up by the end of a class.

It’s completely fine if you fall in the water, too. We encourage participants to try new exercises, challenge themselves, even jump in on purpose so they feel more comfortable. Besides it’s super refreshing and empowering!

Some fitness benefits are:

  • Stability and balance

  • Improve posture

  • Strengthen your core including abs, glutes, back, and lower body

  • Body awareness

  • Improve your SUP Paddle technique

  • Confidence

  • Expands your comfort zone

  • Total body conditioning workout


Paddle Fused Fitness Classes


Paddle Fused Fitness Classes are scheduled on weekend mornings, weather permitting.  View exact days and times in our scheduling app.


  • ​Local Rate - $35, includes board/equipment

  • Non-Resident Rate - $40

  • BYO board Rate - please inquire

Sign Up:

View our scheduling app for upcoming classes and to book.

*Details will be sent via email once you sign up for a class including location, what to bring/wear and expect, payment methods, etc.

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