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Become a Paddle Fused Fitness Certified Coach

Are you a: 

  • personal trainer, fitness instructor or fitness and wellness professional?

  • paddle board instructor or SUP coach?

  • paddle board or water-sport business?

  • paddle athlete, racer, or SUPsurfer?

  • paddle boarding enthusiast?

Then you definitely want to check out the upcoming Paddle Fused Fitness Certification!



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CEC-Approved Certification Course

What to Expect:

In this 2-day “Paddle Fused Fitness” course, we will teach you everything you need to know about Paddle Fused Fitness, an exclusive SUP (standup paddle board) fitness class program. The course will cover SUP technique, land drills and warmups, level 1 exercises, coaching skills, and program design. By the end of the course new coaches will be able to put together and teach a PFF class, and create a PFF program.

Who this course is open to:

  • Fitness professionals - personal trainers, group fitness instructors, yoga and pilates instructors

  • SUP coaches

  • Paddle board instructors and businesses

  • SUP and paddle athletes

Course Highlights:

  • SUP equipment

  • Foundational SUP technique and paddle skills

  • Water safety, laws and rules, weather and water awareness

  • How to teach Paddle Fused Fitness class, PFF exercises and movements, structuring a workout

  • The Art of Coaching, instructing and cuing students

  • The Business of SUP - getting started, designing a PFF program

What you will NOT get:

This course does NOT include the liability insurance, more advanced SUP education or provide you with a formal SUP certification.   Liability insurance, a business license (with jurisdiction in you designated area of operation) and safety plan are required to operate a SUP business or fitness class.  SUP certifications are recommended. 

You will be provided resources to contact to acquire these areas not covered​

Our exclusive Paddle Fused Fitness classes are designed for various populations including: 
  • The gym goer wanting to change up, add or incorporate cross training 

  • The fitness enthusiast

  • The newbie to fitness or SUP

  • The SUP instructor or business owner looking for a fun addition to tours and lessons 

  • the SUP racer, SUP surfer or athlete wanting to improve and train their balance, stability, and fitness on their paddle board

  • The individual who wants something different to do while on the water, paddling, outside, in nature. 

Either way, Paddle Fused Fitness is for a variety of people. 


Where do YOU want to take PFF? 


Become a coach and start making it happen!

Next course scheduled March 24-25!  Register today.

Why Personal Trainers should register for the Paddle Fused Fitness Certification
  • A fitness program you can add to your list of services and programs

  • Add another revenue stream to reach more customers and clients

  • Ability to train and help paddlers and SUP athletes on the water

  • Start your own class program near you

  • Team up with a local paddle board or water sport company that has boards and equipment

  • Indoor pool options

  • Ability to run classes on open water (river, lakes, ponds, waterways) or pools (indoor or outdoor)

  • Earn CECs for NASM and AFAA recertification

  • you can apply for our CEC-approved course to meet CEC-credits if you are an ACE, ACSM, NESTA, IFTA, ISSA Certified personal trainer

This course is a CEC-approved course for certified personal trainers including NASM and AFAA. Personal trainers and fit pros seeking CECs for other CPT organizations may petition this course to for credits as well. If you are certified through multiple organizations, you are eligible for ALL of these CEUs. 

NOTE: Note: you do not need to be a certified personal trainer or fitness professional to take this course and become a coach, but if you are this course qualifies for CECs. 

2023 Course Dates + Details

Course Structure
  • Course will be a live, in-person event with hands-on education on and off the warter. 

  • No prior Paddle experience necessary. Boards and equipment provided if necessary for fee.

Next Course:
  • March 24-25 in Bluffton, SC

​At this time, we do not have other 2023 course dates set, but plan to add one or possibly two more dates later this year. If you cannot make it to our March course please reach out with available dates so we may add you to the waitlist and take into consideration your availability. We can also book private courses in which we will travel to locations of business to host a course. Email me for inquiries.


  • Local courses will be held at Stand and Paddle, 75 Wharf Street, Bluffton, South Carolina



  • $399

Register For The March Course

Get Certified! Become a  Coach and bring Paddle Fused Fitness to a location near you!

Host A Course

Interested in hosting a course in your town?  Would you like to have your whole team of coaches, instructors, or trainers certified in Paddle Fused Fitness? We will coordinate and travel to your location to hold a course and certify groups of 4 or more individuals.

Contact us to inquire or schedule a course at your location of operation >>

The Story. How Paddle Fused Fitness Began..

My name is Rachel Cantore, owner of Stand and Paddle and founder of Paddle Fused Fitness. I am a NASM Master Certified Personal Trainer with a BS in Movement Sciences, Exercise and Fitness, and PaddleFit Coach. I was first introduced to stand up paddle boarding about 10 years ago at the IDEA World Fitness Convention where I signed up to stand up paddle board in the San Diego Bay Area as an add-on activity.


I fell in love with SUP then, but it took me til almost 5 years later to really get involved when I signed up for a SUP course up with Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina to learn the basics of SUP and SUP fitness.  I wanted to do something with stand up paddle boarding and fitness, but I didn’t know exactly what or more importantly HOW to do so.  I didn’t have my own equipment, and it was going to be a decent investment that I wasn’t ready to make at the time.


Later that year, I connected with the former owner and founder of Stand and Paddle, Roddy, here in Bluffton, South Carolina who had an idea which upon seeing me paddle during a team outing and learning of my being a personal trainer in the fitness industry he approached me about.


Roddy proposed us working together to start a SUP fitness class where he would provide the boards, equipment and SUP instruction, and I would step in to run the fitness and workout component.  We both had our own following, own strengths and sets of skills. I named the class Paddle Fused Fitness (named for the fusion of paddling and fitness, and Fusion Fit’s brand concept and vision).  We started out that summer with just a few pop up classes, but after only a few classes, we were nearly maxing out!


Fast forward to the year Covid hit and everyone wanted to be outside, either walking, biking or on the water paddling.  Paddle Fused Fitness was an even greater hit that summer, in fact, it saved my business after losing over half my clients to in-studio training and fitness options.


Since then, our Paddle Fused Fitness classes continue to remain on the lineup at Stand and Paddle.  During the summer, we run classes on the May River.  In the off-season, we offer land-based and indoor pool variations of the signature class.


I also created an entire Paddle Fused Fitness Certification for other coaches, personal trainers, and instructors to take which they can earn CECs and start their own similar PFF style classes or join the Stand and Paddle by Fusion Fit Team and work with us. The exercises and program design structure that encompasses our PFF classes is meant to provide a core and total body workout, improve balance and stability, increase strength and fitness, and boost confidence.  The movements performed will benefit anyone from the average Jack or Jane on land, to SUP athletes to recreational paddlers and newbie to paddling.

FAQ & Accommodations

​Weather - Course is rain or shine, we will aim to go out and spend a lot of time on the water, at the sandbar (tides this weekend are ideal!).  If the weather is poor, we will supplement with more land-training (a viable solution even for your own classes). ​

Experience - You do NOT need to be a certified personal trainer or coach, SUP instructor, or business owner to take this course. You DO need to have prior experience doing stand up paddle boarding at a minimum.​​

Boards and Equipment - Registrants are encouraged to bring their own equipment, but may rent our boards and equipment for an additional cost. Attendees are responsible for their own transportation, room and boarding, and food and meals.

Where to stay - there are some local inns, hotels, and airbnbs right in or near old town Bluffton. Course will be held at Stand and Paddle place of operations, the Bluffton Oyster Factory Park, 75 Wharf Street. 


Timeline and schedule - I will send out an itinerary the week leading up to the course along with the course manual. Expect to start with a half day on Friday afternoon on land, followed by a full day of training on Saturday (8:30-5) primarily on water. There will be a lunch break on Saturday.


*side note: If anyone would like to do a group paddle either morning prior to course starting for the day you may join in. 

Register For The March Course

Get Certified - Teach Paddle Fused Fitness at a location near you!


For further questions, to host a course at your location please contact:


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