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Life, Wellness & Performance Coaching

I don't do diets.  I don't do cookie cutter programs.  I DO help you reach your goals, figure out how and what to do that works for YOU, and optimize your life, wellbeing and performance. 

Rachel Cantore

Certified Coach & Expert

My expertise and knowledge is in the areas of metabolism, hormones, corrective exercise and performance, behavior change, Moderation365 and nutrition, fat loss, body change and transformation, strength training and body building, mindset and psychology, stand up paddle boarding, SUP surfing, and gymnastics.

At Fusion Fit, I will coach you through your journey, walking by your side and guiding you along the way.  I help you cultivate confidence, awareness, and ownership.  As we go, I may teach you skills, provide tools and strategies, and resources for your use.  I will work with you to identify obstacles and limitations, and troubleshoot solutions and directions you can take to create sustainable results.  Simple, easy, enjoyable.

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