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SUP Race & Paddle Training Tips & Techniques

Find out how your fellow paddlers are training. Or tell us how often, how long, and how you train. Will be adding links to Track Maps of paddles, more articles & videos of techniques, paddle strokes, training regimens, etc...

 In the meantime, watch the following 4 videos by Danny Ching and Jimmy Terrell with some extremely valuable SUP paddle techniques and instruction based on their years of experience.

Paddle Hard!


Paddling & Stroke Techniques

Training Ideas & Issues

I would love to have your ideas, opinions and / or observations on SUP training techniques ... either your about your own original ideas and training OR your thoughts about current trends out there in our paddling community now.  Do you have an opposing opinion to something I have posted or something you've read posted on "Riding Bumps", "Distressed Mullet", "SUP Connect" or elsewhere... Please send it in! I want your feedback and so does all of our knowledge hungry paddling community! Contact me here.

SUP Race Events, Rules & Racing Organizations

What's your opinion about current state of SUP racing: divisions,  timing, prizes, awards, board size limitations, drug testing, certifications, etc....  What do you think about the WPA vs SUPAA or even the ACA  (that's the 3 main "Governing Bodies" of paddling, the oldest being the American Canoe Association, then the World Paddling Association, and the very newest Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association)?  Share your take both pros and cons here with us. Contact me here.

Paddle Board Race Events - SUP Racing

Stand and Paddle participates in SUP races all over the Southeast and  takes part in planning, organizing, promoting, and marketing some of these events.


2016 SUP Race calendar

for the Stand and Paddle team:  Events we will attend...

Hope we will see you there!


5/14 - Asheville, NC -  Battle on the Broad


6/5 - Atlanta, GA -  Stand Up for Hooch


8/6 - Bryson City, NC - Paddle Grapple


8/14 - Acworth, GA  - Toona Challenge


9/3 - Baton Rouge, LA -  Big River Regional


9/17 - Charleston. SC -  Chucktown Showdown


9/24 - Orlando, FL -  Lake Mary Jane SUP Race


10/1 - Columbia, SC -  Lake Murray SUP Classic


10/8  - Gainsville, Ga -  Lake Lanier Challenge


10/15 -  Bluffton, SC - Arts & Seafood Fest Race


10/22 - Chattanooga, TN - The Chattajack!!


For a complete list of all SUP Races & Stand Up Paddle Board Events across the entire nation, check out this list:


Paddle Boarding

SUP  Racing

Paddle Boarding

SUP  Racing