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man with big patriotic flag sitting on green paddleboard SUP floating & paddling on the May River, Bluffton, SC

Do you have a paddle board for sale?  Send me the info and I will post it for you!  Your post might also make some of our various social media outlets also, so send your info in to get as much exposure as possible to get your used SUP sold.  Contact me here.

Paddle Board Reviews

Testing out the new Dean Board  LDR14


Richard Klapper and I recently took out his new 14' x 25" Dean Watersports LDR 14 carbon race board for test paddle.  For comparison it is laid out beside my 14' x 25" HovieSUP Comet.  The Dean is definitely more stable and has a slight bit more nose and tail rocker, the HovieSUP Comet is lighter weight and distinctly more rounded bottom from side to side, making it very tippy.   I think this new board is pretty nice... his boards are getting better and this is one of his newest ones I believe, made just month or two ago. This one has a much narrower tail end than his previous boards.  It cuts through the water very smoothly, seems to be built well.  I have two of his older boards and this one is much nicer. More paddle boarding adventures with Stand and Paddle. Click on the thumbnails below for a full gallery of photos of the Dean Watersports LDR14 along side the custom Hovie Comet.

Would you like to give your opinion and observations on a particular SUP?  Send me the info, with as many details as possible and a couple of photos if possible, and I will post it and give you proper credit.  Your post might also make some of our various social media outlets also, so send your info in to help get your thoughts out to the SUP community.

Contact me here.

Stand and Paddle's original flagship SUP raceboard - a 14' King's PaddleSport carbon fiber race SUP with bright green paint, alligator graphics

We currently paddle with Hovie SUP, King's PaddleSports, Dean Watersports, Liquid Shredder, & Surftech Laird Hamilton boards and ZRE, Riviera Paddlesurf, & Windswept SUP paddles... but we have tested and/or used many other boards & paddles.

Scroll down below to see links to some of our favorite boards, paddles and other SUP equipment and paddling accessories along with occasional reviews & comments.

List of Paddle Board Manufacturers, Board Makers and other SUP related equipment companies:


If you would like to add to or update this list, please scroll to the form at the bottom of the page.



Ainsworth Paddles


Angulo Surf

Ark Boards

Art In Surf

Bamboo Surfboards


Becker Surf

Bic Sport (Oxbow Surfboards)

Bill Hamilton Custom Surfboards

Block Surf

Board Fisher

Boardworks Surf

C4 Waterman

Cabrinha Surf

Cedar Surfboards

Channel Islands Surfboards

Chesapeake Light Craft

Circle One Surfboards

Coleman Company (Sevylor)


Custard Point Longboards


Danai - Hydrosport

Dennis Pang Hawaiian Surf Designs

Destination Surf

Drops Boards SAS

Epic Gear

Erickson Paddleboards (Lance Erickson)

Escape Surfboards


Fanatic International


FMSurf (Felipe Mendes)

Foote Surfboards Hawaii

Futures Fins

Gillespie Paddles

Global Surf Industries

Gong SUP


Gray Whale Trading Company

Hawaiian Pro Designs

Hemel Board Company

Hermano Woodboards


Hoeku Hawaii

Hooked SUP



Hypr Nalu Hawaii

Imagine Eco Surfboards

Infinity Surfboards

Island Longboards

Isle Surfboards

Jimmy Lewis Boards


Joe Blair

Johnson Big Stick


Kazuma Surfboards Hawaii

Kia Kaha


King’s Paddle Sports

Kinimaka Kuiluna

Komunity Project (Kelly Slater)

Lahui Kai

Laird Paddle Sports

Lakeshore Paddleboard Company

Liquid Shredder Soft Surfboards (Peru Surf Industries)

Malama Paddles

Maxfield Provisions


Moana Nui

Morrelli and Melvin


Natures Shapes

Nectar Surfboards

Neptune Paddles

Noosa Surf Works (Laguna Bay Stand Up Paddle)

North Shore Inc. (NSI)

Ohana Paddleboards

Ordonez, Sean (SOS Shapes)

Pacific Paddleboards (On Water Designs)

Paddle Surf Hawaii

Pau Hana Surf Supply

Pearson Arrow

Pope Bisect (Travelboards)

Prolite International

Pure Paddles Inc.

Quickblade Paddles

Rainbow Fin Company

Red Paddles Co.

Riviera Paddlesurf

Robert August Surf Company

Roberto Ricci Designs

Rogue Stand Up Paddleboards

Rogue Wave Custom Boards

Ron House

Rusty Surfboards

Sandwich Island Composites

Sawyer Paddles and Oars

Sean Ordenez Shapes (SOS)

Select Paddles

Sharpe Surfboards

Shaw & Tenney


Soft Surfboards

South County

Stamps Surfboards


Stewart Surfboards

Sticky Bumps (Wax Research Inc.)

Stu Kenson Surfboards

SUP Love

SurfCo Hawaii



Timpone Surfboards

Tomahawk Paddle Boards


Tropical Blends Custom Surfboards


Vitamin Blue

Walden Surfboards



Wavewalk Kayaks

Werner Paddles

Whiskeyjack Paddles



Paddle Board Race Events - SUP Racing

Stand and Paddle participates in SUP races all over the Southeast and  takes part in planning, organizing, promoting, and marketing some of these events.


2016 SUP Race calendar

for the Stand and Paddle team:  Events we will attend...

Hope we will see you there!


5/14 - Asheville, NC -  Battle on the Broad


6/5 - Atlanta, GA -  Stand Up for Hooch


8/6 - Bryson City, NC - Paddle Grapple


8/14 - Acworth, GA  - Toona Challenge


9/3 - Baton Rouge, LA -  Big River Regional


9/17 - Charleston. SC -  Chucktown Showdown


9/24 - Orlando, FL -  Lake Mary Jane SUP Race


10/1 - Columbia, SC -  Lake Murray SUP Classic


10/8  - Gainsville, Ga -  Lake Lanier Challenge


10/15 -  Bluffton, SC - Arts & Seafood Fest Race


10/22 - Chattanooga, TN - The Chattajack!!


For a complete list of all SUP Races & Stand Up Paddle Board Events across the entire nation, check out this list:


Paddle Boarding

SUP  Racing

Paddle Boarding

SUP  Racing